DIY Help

DIY Help

DIY Rescue

Have you started a DIY project that seems to take forever to get it finished?

The House

Decorating the house, stripping the paint/wallpaper that seems so stubborn…

Maybe the ceiling, wall, or paintwork just doesn’t quite reach the perfection you were hoping for?

  • …I could finish it for you.

The Garden

Perhaps you started something in the garden? Maybe a fish pond, a wall, a patio, or even a garden path – Everything seems to be taking too much time to complete (And getting those paving slabs level can sometimes become such a nightmare!)

  • …I could finish it for you.

The fence

Maybe that fence is rickety and you’re not sure what to do to put it right…

Perhaps a broken fencing panel, or some missing slats, or supporting timbers have come adrift – Possibly the kick board at the bottom has rotted away… or the wire strand supporting the netting has broken.

You’ve tried everything, you don’t know how (or don’t have the proper tools) to put it right…

  • …I could finish it for you.

Odd-Jobs around the home

And then there are those “niggly” little jobs around the home that just seem to stack up and become a never ending source of irritation, such as…

  • broken toilet seat/handle/flush
  • squeaky/creaky door/floorboards
  • stiff/draughty window/door
  • broken door handle/catch/latch/hinge
  • dripping tap/pipe/damp patch
  • leaking pipe/joint/overflow
  • missing  plug/chain on the bath or sink
  • trimming the hedge/lawn/borders
  • weeding the drive/patio
  • wobbly table/chair
  • poorly assembled flat-pack furniture
  • clearing the house/garden/shed
  • taking rubbish up the tip
  • the list goes on, and on, and on…

Don’t worry, these are the kinds of job I love to fix for people lust like you! I have the knowledge, know-how, experience and more importantly, exactly the right tools for the job – So these won’t take me long to do either…

  • I’m here to help and I think you’ll find my prices are very reasonable!

Next Steps

  • Call me on: 01223 244 442 or my mobile: 07742 003 497 or email me: You’ll find my prices are very reasonable and I’ll be happy to help you out wherever I can!
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