Free onsite consultation

When pricing jobs for my clients I offer an initial FREE onsite consultation which  ensures I can see exactly the work you require and can price the job accordingly for you.


The prices I quote are for labour only.

To keep costs down customers are free to source their own materials if preferred. However, I know that cost cutting is a priority for some of  my customers, so if you source your own materials I am perfectly happy to pick them up for you, but I may have to charge you for the fuel and time that it takes me to collect them.

Small Jobs

I can usually give an estimated cost for smaller jobs over the phone (such as repair a broken window catch, or re-fit a kitchen cupboard door etc.) I can then come directly to you fully prepared to do the task at hand. However, if additional materials are required to complete the task (i.e. due to incorrect customer selection or advisement) I’m afraid that I will also have to charge for any extra time or fuel it takes me to select and collect the materials as required.

Additional tasks requested by the customer can be estimated on site after the initial task is completed to the customers satisfaction.

Bigger Jobs

For larger jobs, like fitting a new bathroom or kitchen, would be by appointment only to visit you and calculate my estimate on site. This is a  FREE onsite consultation and ensures I can see exactly the work you require and can price the job accordingly for you.


I’m particularly proud of the level of service I offer my customers, and I am grateful that this is reflected in their feedback and considered opinion which you can read on my Testimonials Page Here>

Next Steps

  • Call me on: 01223 244 442 or my mobile: 07742 003 497 or email me: You’ll find my prices are very reasonable and I’ll be happy to help you out wherever I can!
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